Friday, October 10, 2008

Wow, has it ever been forever?!

Let's begin our recap. Since we last left off, I was anxiously awaiting our wedding day! Well, it has come and gone and we are the most awesomest, happiest married couple I know. May 17th, Salt Lake City Temple. It happened to be the best day May had to offer. But before we get to the "Big Day" let us go to the days leading up to the big event. Nic and I have the best of friends. So many people made the effort to travel all the way here to see us kiss and love each other non-stop. Many thanks goes out to you guys. My brides ladies, Nic's Groomers, my besties from AZ, my rockinest family, Nic's grooving relatives, and everyone else in between. The night before, lots of us grills were hanging, trying to get last stuff done. Pay no mind to me and the way I looked. You best believe I made up for it the next day.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Really, what have we been up to in the past few years? When I met Nic, he was playing in a killer band, but decided to move into another direction. We eventually moved to Arizona, where we met some of the best friends and had some killer times. Cook outs, swimming pool, D-Back games, and all the joys that the big AZ can bring. We could really only hang in that city for so long, before we relocated back home to be close to our families and friends. Nic is selling for a company in Draper, and I have a number of jobs as always. I design at a flower shop, work for a lame law firm, and teach PILATES!

Hey it's us, soon to be the Benson's!! May 17th and you can officially call us married! Nic and I met almost 2 years ago. Over the past 2 years, we have come quit a ways, and now we could not be any happier. We are living in Salt Lake City, Nic is working for a multi billion dollar company and I am a trainer to the stars! Don't believe me, good!